Behind the Bottle

A formal introduction to the product line we chose to provide for our guests. While opening our salon we wanted nothing but the best for our guests. We wanted a versatile, eco friendly, nice smelling product that fulfilled the promise thats on the bottle. With that, we chose Eufora. 

Founded by a hairstylist himself, Don Bewley, along with his wife Beth, started the company in 1997. They built the company on passion, integrity and with a common understanding of caring not only for our guests but for us as hairdressers using this product all day, everyday. Theres a million products out on the market with a million different ingredients in them. Eufora uses only the best certified organic aloe vera gel as their base in all the products. What makes the aloe certified organic? Within two hours of being harvested it is cold pressed and extracted from the plant so you get the best and most fresh part of the aloe. Pure essential oils are added along with other plant extracts for a true aromatherapy experience and a true healing of any hair issues. There is no extra water added in the products, no mineral oils, heavy silicones or harsh sulfates.

Bottom line, we provide you a product that in not only safe to use on your hair, but certain products can also be used on your skin, and is all eco friendly.

Check back to see featured monthly products, as well as any incredible Eufora news!